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How I became a freelancer

July 22, 2012

I know that I am not the first one to become a freelancer and even the one to share my experiences online but this does not mean that I should bar myself from putting my thoughts into the words. 🙂

As far as my personal aspirations are concerned, I wished to become an efficient home-maker but the destiny had different plans for me. During my school days, science was the only subject that I fascinated me a lot. I did fairly well in other subjects too but my mind kept itself entangled in scientific thoughts only. My father who is a practising doctor, was a guiding soul for me. Following his foot-prints, I wished to become a doctor one day. He wished that I could become either a gynae or a child specialist but god had decided something contrasting for me.

I was not selected in medical college of my choice. Getting admitted in dental college was not my choice so I decided to take up a researcher profile. I was called upon for continuing one of my research in the woods of Dehradun but due to some personal reasons I had to make a quit from this avenue as well.

The time was running fast and I was all confused, like an average girl, about my future plans. Then, I participated in Bhavishiya Jyoti Scholarship organised by NIIT. I got selected and won scholarship for pursuing a computer course with NIIT. This was just a basic course but it proved to be turning point of my life.

On completion of the course, I was referred to a small organization, by the NIIT placement cell. Unaware of my potentials and areas of interests, I accepted the offer for working as an “University Coordinator” with an educational institute in Delhi (India). This was my first job; with Bitcom Services Pvt. Ltd. Delhi.

Then, as the time passed, my professional life started to take a new shape. I worked hard and progressed to senior positions with other employers. Some of the highlights can be summarised as:

At this juncture of life, my better half – my soulmate, my husband joined me in my life. I got married and chose to devote my time to family life. After a couple of months, I found that I could not sit ideal for the whole day just watching television and gossiping. Such a waste of time – it is!

I decided to restart my professional career. I husband suggested me to become a freelancer. In his opinion, selecting this choice, would allow me to devote time to both my career aspirations and family as well. It suited me and I updated my resume at suitable webportals.

Things fell in place and I got opportunities to grab. Today, it has been approximately 1 year and I have completed many projects successfully. I take up freelance content writing projects and provide magazine consulting as well.

I keep looking for opportunities to expand my boundaries and constantly try to polish my skills. May I be blessed.

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