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Marketing concepts in education industry – Public Relations

August 10, 2012

Public Relations have always been a crucial element in any business or any marketing plan. Organizations think deeply to draft PR messages that help in building new contacts and maintaining the already estbalished contacts with trustworthy media coverage.

How does education industry uses public relations? Why is public relation exercise important for a said educational institute or school?

This requires a little deep thought.

Schools and other educational institutes need to keep them in good light so that more and more students apply for admissions to their schools and for maintaining good numbers of enrolled students year after year.

What sort of PR exercises can be implemented for school promotion? should be the next question, coming up in your minds.

Various PR exercises for school promotions can be enlisted as follows:

  • Conducting regular meetings with the stakeholders: This provides the content developers with a rod map and key messages that can be used to promote the school and the individual as well.
  • Training the staff members for handling media enquiries: This will help in positive positioning of the school in parents’ minds and among media.
  • Conducting media coaching classes and PR workshops: Such classes will help in transforming the staff memebers to media spokesperson.
  • Identifying newsworthy developments from the in-school activities: This kind of news will send a message that the school provides ample amount of opportunities for child’s all-round-development.

 Do you have any idea or any exercise to add on? Leave a comment.

or do you need any assistance for any PR exercise for your school / college or university? Just e-mail me or leave a comment. I will get back to you asap.


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